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Adèle will do anything to bring her family back together, except marry a collaborator in the Vichy police. Unfortunately, this is exactly what her father asks her to do… 


The Girl from Vichy is a work of fiction, but was inspired by true events and people. One of those people is Élise Rivet, Mother Superior of Notre Dame de la Compassion in Lyon, who hid weapons and ammunition in her convent’s crypt for the French Résistance.


So… are we talking nuns with guns?



Well… YES, actually.


Elise Rivet, known as Mother Elisabeth, ran a strict convent during the day, while also boarding poor French girls who were either at the convent because they were unruly, or because their parents couldn’t afford to keep them. She was also heavily involved in the French Resistance. She took in Jews, gave them religious habits to wear, and hid them from the Nazis along with their children. She worked with several resistance groups, allowing them to hide and shuffle arms through the crypt in the old Lyon convent. She was arrested, sent to the infamous Montluc prison, and later sent to Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. It is said that Mother Elisabeth was forever strong, but deeply affected when the guards took her religious clothing from her. She died after taking the place of a pregnant woman in line for the gas chamber. The camp was liberated just a few weeks later.


Elise Rivet is a true hero. Has this post changed your view of the French Resistance? Comment below.

The Girl from Vichy is a thrilling spy novel about a young woman in the French Resistance. Out August 13th, and available from your favorite online retailers. Buy here: AMAZON, KOBO, APPLE, NOOK, or Google.



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